Displaying your publications

Trade press display

Present your trade magazines and journals to the interested professional. Grasp the opportunity at ceramitec to win new groups of readers in a target manner, to built up new business relations and to intensify your existing customer contacts.

At ceramitec 2018 your trade magazines and journals will be displayed in our Media Lounge and in trade press boxes.

Media Lounge
The Media Lounge will be located in hall B5. There, the trade visitors can sit down and read your publications unhurriedly.

Trade press boxes
The trade press boxes will be held in the busy corridors between the East Entrance and hall B6, as well as B5. An incredibly efficient way of reaching a large number of visitors.

Order online
These offers for publishers can be ordered online. Please download and fill out the PDF-form below.

Order online now

In case of technical problems, please send the order form directly to press@ceramitec.com.

We look forward to presenting your publication(s) at ceramitec 2018!