October 23, 2015

alphabetical order

ceramitec 2015: Exhibitor statements

Gianni Barucco, General Manager, Bongioanni Macchine, Italy
“ceramitec 2015 was much better for us than 2012. We had more visitors, and above all they came from all over the world. The quality of visitors was very high. Our expectations were fulfilled completely.”

Dr. Jürgen Blumm, Managing Director, Sales, Application and Marketing, NETZSCH, Germany
“We are very satisfied with ceramitec 2015, Compared to the last ceramitec, we met 30 percent more customers from Europe but also from the Middle East. We had a really good number of visitors. In addition, we have initiated many new concrete and serious projects, because we exhibited new products at ceramitec.”

Daniele Coralli, Business Manager, Sacmi, Italy
“Our goal is to meet as many customers as possible at a trade fair. This was the case at ceramitec. We had customers from all countries with very high quality. We will also come to the next ceramitec.”

Ricardo Bras, Research and Development, Ceramifor, Portugal
“ceramitec is the most important trade fair for us. We meet many new customers here and discuss about new projects extensively. We received positive feedback here.”

Paul Eirich, Managing Director of Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
“ceramitec is the most important international trade fair in the industry. It effectively enhanced its reputation as a leading trade fair in 2015. It dealt with key topics such as Industry 4.0 and technical ceramics and consequently attracted important new visitor groups. We had top-rate trade visitors from Asia, for example, from India, Korea, Thailand and Indonesia. But also from South America such as from Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. I want don't want to neglect to mention Europe and the Middle East in this context. We met new clients with specific product ideas and active interest. ceramitec is a must for us.”

Gerhard Fischer, Managing Director, Händle ZMB Braun, Germany
“This ceramitec was much better than 2012. We sensed a positive mood among visitors. Many decision-makers were there. The high level of internationality is remarkable: We especially had many visitors from the Middle East. ceramitec is undisputedly our industry's leading trade fair.”

Joachim Heym, Managing Director, SCHUNK Ingenieurkeramik, Germany
“We are happy that we were allowed to work hard here during the trade fair days. We had intensive discussions with visitors from very diverse industries and from all over the world. Many visitors came with specific ideas for new projects. Interesting applications for 3D printing will result from this. 3D printing has made a quantum leap, and development in this area will continue. We also received a lot of admiration for our developments. The mood is excellent, because as someone put it so beautifully: customer threatens with order.”

Hans Hilgenfeld, Head of Product Management, Ferro, Germany
“We received a very good response from customers. ceramitec is the most important trade fair for us to meet customers from abroad. We achieved this goal." We had visitors from all corners of the world.”

Hans-Jürgen Hoffmann, Sales Manager for Ceramics, Amberger Kaolinwerke, Germany
“We noticed a significant change compared to recent years. More European visitors are coming again, from whom we get an absolutely positive response. Many are planning new projects and want to invest again. We concluded concrete European and international business prospects. ceramitec is our main trade fair. Being here sends a very special message.”

Dr. Jürgen Kaub, Sales Director, Carbolite Gero, Germany
“Our expectations were completely fulfilled. I would like to stress the high level of internationality of ceramitec; our visitors were focused on China, Russia and Turkey. We were able to initiate transactions and have concrete requests.”

Dr. Stefan Kemethmüller, Sales Director at Ceramic Systems Europe, Saint Gobain, Germany
“I had a very good and positive impression. We had constructive talks with new customers, who discussed new requirements and projects with us. We were here with an international team, and all colleagues were very busy. They received requests from visitors from all over the world. ceramitec is "the place to be". We will be back at the next ceramitec again.”

Jörg Lindemans, Operations Manager, Komage Gellner, Germany
“ceramitec is our main trade fair, and it was once again very successful in 2015. We made many new, important contacts and met clients who want to invest. We have already scheduled many specific dates for new projects. ceramitec is the leading international trade fair.”

Salim Nouayhid, Area Sales Manager, Talleres Felipe Verdes, S.A., Spain
“Our stand was always crowded. The whole world is at ceramitec. This applies to visitors, but also to exhibitors. The good quality of the customers makes ceramitec the trade fair for us. We'll be back next time.”

Günther Schmidt, Managing Partner, Stephan Schmidt KG, Germany
“ceramitec had always had exceptionally high degree of internationalism, which is tremendously important for us as an international company. The quality of visitors increased once again; only the decision-makers are here. The Iran Day was a top-rate event. It came just at the right time.”

Claude Schneider, Managing Director, cerinnov, France
“We are very satisfied. We met many visitors here and even signed contracts. It was also good to meet other exhibitors with visitors and engage in cross-selling. As a result, our customers also got to know our new products.”

Dr. Daniela Tosi, Sales Department, Tecnofiliere, Italy
“ceramitec went very well for us, and we are extremely satisfied. We consider ceramitec to be the leading event for the global ceramics industry on high international level. The quality of the visitors is very high, and they come from all over the world, especially from the Middle and Far East as well as North Africa.”

Matthias Uhl, Managing Director, Riedhammer, Germany
“Our expectations were exceeded. We planned many new projects for 2016, 2017 and 2018. This has not be the case in such an extent for quite some time.”

Jessie Wang, Foreign Trade Department, Dashiqio City Dongxing Mining Industry Co., Ltd, China
“The purpose of our coming to this ceramitec is to explore the refractory market of Europe. I think the ceramitec is very important for communication of companies worldwide.”