Additive manufacturing special show

A special show for a trendsetting topic in the industry: Additive Manufacturing. Demonstrate your full potential of additive manufacturing in our unique special show.

Logo for the special show additive manufacturing

Present your product innovations, technical innovations and the current state of research with your company in the trade forum and discuss the possibilities of additive processes with experts and decision-makers.

Position yourself in a growing market that is dependent on additive processing and the advantages of ceramic and powder-metallurgical processes. In our special show, you have the possibility to show the application range and areas in detail. Also refer to our information brochure to obtain additional information about exhibition options.

Participation possibilities in a nutshell

  • Let your products speak: pure machine or exhibit exhibition.

  • Talk about your products: combination of exhibition and accompanying information booth.

  • For optimum communication: open booth concept.

  • Inclusive: presentations and discussions in the trade forum.


  • Only EUR 500 for a pure exhibit exhibition, including a 30-minute presentation slot at the trade forum of the special show to present your company and your products.