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Powder metallurgy day

Generative production processes for metal and ceramics technologies and applications: on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, at 13:00 the Powder Metallurgy Day took place, organized by Powder Metallurgy Trade Association (FPM), Hagen.

The powder of the future

With the top-class symposium, ceramitec and the German Powder Metallurgy Trade Association (FPM) dedicate a complete theme day to the generative production processes. New technical developments and applications make powder metallurgy an interesting key technology which will change entire industry sectors. In our exciting presentation series, you will learn what industries will benefit from the advancements and what applications can be realized already today.

The powder metallurgy’s potential in differing industries

The advancements in powder metallurgy sets new standards: powder bed-based procedures increase the productivity, bring huge advantages in the scaling of components sizes, offer a greater variety of materials and facilitate process monitoring. This opens unexpected perspectives in medical and energy engineering as well as in automotive engineering. We invite you to discuss this innovative potential with our experts.

A new raw material. The areas of application in powder metallurgy

New techniques to manufacture powders and to qualify and standardize different powder-based processes make powder an independent raw material. The new qualities of titanium and titanium alloys, nickel-base alloys, high melting point materials and hard metal allow for a wide range of new applications. Many prototypical components demonstrate this technology’s potential and how generative manufacturing increasingly find its way into production.

In the spotlight. Chances of powder metallurgy

The symposium will devote special attention to the generative manufacturing of metal and ceramics, the aspects of construction, the material, the processes and to the post-processing.