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Ceramics straight from the printer!

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Ceramics straight from the printer! This innovation can be discovered at ceramitec 2018, because it promises a lot of development potential for the future. 3D printing is used in all areas of the ceramics industry because it has unbeatable advantages: it’s fast, economical and therefore cost-effective. In addition, it enables the production of short runs, special designs and complex products. With its new printer, XJet is actively participating in the future of ceramic production: the machine is processing nanoparticles made from ceramic and metal for the very first time. The quality of the end-product doesn’t solely depend on the size of the printer. Nanoe is presenting a small printer at the fair and planning to use it for printing prototypes, for instance. Additive Manufacturing is in the process of revolutionizing processes in ceramic production. At ceramitec, therefore, it’s being given a big platform of its own, with a special show and lectures.

Powder Metallurgy

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Powder metallurgy is an indispensable part of many technical fields. Its products can be found in medical technology, aerospace, or mechanical engineering. The automotive industry is also significant. Here, current developments are providing new impulses. Its future potential is giving companies worldwide investment fever – according to the ceramitec industry barometer. That also goes for Osterwalder. The Swiss company presents the first electric press in the 200-tonne power range. It can be used instead of conventional hydraulic presses – for instance, in the automotive or carbide sectors. This is where the high flexibility and economic efficiency of powder metallurgy come into their own. In addition to the presses, the raw materials are a prerequisite for perfect end products. Baikowski is presenting its new microcrystalline ceramic abrasive at ceramitec. The potential of powder metallurgy seems unlimited. At the ceramitec forum, a theme day is being devoted to it. The experts see this manufacturing process for metal and ceramics as a key technology that will change entire industries. An important issue in future will be digitalization. Rohde has taken the first - small – step already: in the future its kilns can be controlled from home via an app...

Technical ceramics

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Technical ceramics have really dynamic potential. There are new impulses coming from energy technology, fine ceramics, and the automotive industry. The number of exhibitors in the sector at ceramitec has risen by 20 percent, and the special show Ceramic Applications has been extended. High-performance ceramics are making new demands on raw materials, additive manufacturing, machinery and kilns, thus boosting the entire ceramics industry. An important aspect in the production of technical ceramics is quality assurance. Komage is integrating an automated test system into its press for the first time in order to ensure the highest precision and purest structure in ceramics. With this automated production line, the company is taking a decisive step towards Industry 4.0. Netzsch is also clearly in favour of this digital transformation. Its innovative software simulates the firing process and helps to save time, energy and material. But not only the production of ceramics is being optimized - technical ceramics itself is extremely important in the context of Industry 4.0. At ceramitec, the high degree of innovation and the diverse fields of application of technical ceramics are everywhere in evidence. As the heart of systems, especially sensitive ones, high-performance ceramics are predicted to have a bright future ahead of them.

ceramitec 2018 – the movie

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Have you seen our new ceramitec 2018 image film yet? You will be amazed to see which role ceramics play in our everyday lives. Get a preview to what to expect at ceramitec 2018 – the world’s leading trade show for the ceramics industry – from April 10 to 13, 2018 in Munich.

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